Bath Christmas Market

The weather was sunny but cold and the coach on time – an excellent start to what proved to be a great day.  Bath is a lovely city and the area around the Abbey looked very festive with the wooden Christmas stalls especially as the daylight faded.  Thirty three of us went and we had a really enjoyable time.  Thank you Amanda for organising the trip.

Poppy Factory Visit

Buying a poppy in November will not be the same having been to the Poppy Factory and seen the people at work. It was fascinating to see the wreaths being made, from simple to royal and we watched one man making piles of WI wreaths. One lady was making the royal poppies from red silk with black broom centres. Ian, a retired sub-mariner, told us about the history and the work of the charity. He was a mine of information and a very amusing raconteur. It was a really interesting afternoon

The Lion KIng

The car park improvements at Farnborough made travelling a little more difficult but it was only a blip.  The 12 of us had a great time and really enjoyed the show – lots of colour and spectacular costumes.  Watch this space for the next theatre visit!