4 thoughts on “Date for your diary

  1. Hi
    Paula Zymela has recommended I contact you as there is a large waiting list at her WI meetings. Do you have spaces at your group?

    • Hi Tamsyn. I’m Annie Ward and I’ve only just found your message. Please call me 07932 755990 or email again – annieward1@gmail.com. When I send this I may see that Christine has replied to you, I hope so
      I’m so sorry for this mess up and we’ve love you to join us

  2. Hi,

    I moved to Camberley two months ago and I thought joining Diamond WI can help me to make new friends. Can you please let me know how can I join this WI.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Baran. We’d love you to join our WI. We’ve had problems with out website and couldn’t access it so I don’t know when you wrote this
      I’m Annie Ward 07932 755990 please call me or email me
      Again I’m so sorry and hope you’ll try again

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